Poramatir Haat is strating at Bishnupur on the day of Mohaloya 2018 at Jor Mondir
The name ‘Pora Matir Haat’ actually means- a weekly rural marketplace where the burned clay products are being sold. To promote the local clay arts i.e. various types of pots and terracotta items and to provide the artists a bigger platform to showcase their works, we have come up with the idea of ‘Pora Matir Haat’. Tourists can enjoy this ‘haat’ every Saturday at the ‘Jor Mandir’ premises. Apart from buying terracotta and other crafts, tusu, bhadu, baul, kirtan, chau, ran-pa etc. can be enjoyed here. The vivid colours of the ‘Rarh-Bengal’ culture gather here to soothe the eyes and comfort the mind in the ‘Pora Matir Haat’.

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